What is Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty?
Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) is an effective, safe, outpatient procedure to improve eye pressure control. SLT gently stimulates the structure inside the eye,SLT called the trabecular meshwork, to improve drainage of fluid from the eye thus reducing the pressure. The SLT laser targets pigmented tissue cells within the drainage system of the eye with short, gentle bursts of light.
Why is it called Selective?
The type of laser used has minimal heat energy absorption because it is only taken up by selected pigmented tissue in the eye. Sometimes it is referred to as a “cold laser.” Because of this, the procedure produces less scar tissue and has minimal pain.
Why do I need SLT done?
Your eye pressure is too high ▪ You are suffering with side effects from your current eye drops ▪ You find it difficult to consistently use your eye drops ▪ Your eye pressure is too high with your current treatment.
What will happen during the procedure?
The SLT procedure usually last around 10 minutes. A special contact lens is used to keep your eyelid open. Anesthetic eye drops are used to ensure your eye is comfortable with the contact lens. (You may be able to hear some clicking sounds produced by the laser?)
What are the risks?
One key aspect of SLT is a favorable side effect profile, even when compared with glaucoma medications. Post-operative inflammation is common but generally mild, and treated with observation or eye drops or an oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. There is an approximately 5% incidence of IOP elevation after laser, which can be managed by glaucoma medications and usually goes away after 24 hours.
Are there any risks involved?
Detachment of the retina (symptoms of a retinal detachment may include a curtain or cobweb that goes across your vision, or the sudden appearance of many floaters in your vision) ▪Increased intraocular pressure ▪Decrease or loss of vision

Be sure to discuss potential complications with your doctor before surgery.

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